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The Crazy Thing About the Abusive Characters In Jesus' Family Tree

All of these stories of messed up people trying to follow God, royally screwing up, and getting lots of do overs and re-directions.

They don’t get their significance because they were great men, we should all look up to and emulate. They are significant because they got to be part of God’s story.

A lot of these guys were pretty much horrible people at some point in their story still God directed them.

That’s freaking amazing. Because the God who created this entire universe cares about really messed up people and works to bring beauty and purpose to their stories.

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5 Ways Reading the Bible Like an English Teacher Will Free You From Religion

I promise when you read the Bible like an English teacher, you aren’t going to come up with same old boring, neat and tidy, always positive, always encouraging, often fake and romanticized chicken soup and KLove stories. You will see a much messier, often harder version of Christianity that packs more punch and is way more comforting when life gets real, like some Rum and Cola for your Soul

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